Lessons Plans

Lesson Plans

Have a written lesson plan for each training session or practice. You cannot have a good practice if you do not have an idea of what you want to accomplish during that practice. The plan may be written out in detail on a practice planning form. Writing down your plan will help you think through the equipment and setup you will need for the topics to be covered.

Below are sample lesson plans written by Hessam. No commercial reproduction, adaptation, distribution or transmission of any part or parts of lesson plan or any information contained.
If you have questions about any of these lesson plans, please contact Hessam Moshggoo at (646) 338-6495.

Attacking & Shooting

Attacking Wide Play
Bunkering in to Create the Counter Attack
Changing Point of Attack
Counter Attacking from Defensive Set Plays
Direct Counter Attacking
Developing a Goal Scoring Predator
Free Kicks in Wide Positions
Technique of Finishing & Shooting
Patterns of Play to Incorporate Flank Players
Shooting Activities for Younger Players
Transition to Attack
When to Dribble and When to Pass
Activities for introducing the basic Attacking and Defending Principles
Functional Training for the Center Forwards
Movement of the Strikers
Combination Play in Central Attacking Areas
Functional Training for Wide Players



Defending in the Attacking Third
Defensive Heading
High Pressure Defending
Winning Possession of the Ball
Defending the Counter Attack
Defending Later
Tackling – When, Why and How (NEW)
6 Second Defending Concept (NEW)


Creating 1v1 Opportunites
Dribbling 1v1
Fun Dribbling Activities
How to Coach Quick & Deceptive Movement
Individual Dribbling Activities for Younger Players
Dribbling for Possession
Footskills Homework
U6 Dribbling and Passing
Dribbling with Speed


Fitness – Support Play
Technical Fitness – Session I
Technical Fitness – Session II
Technical Fitness – Running with the Ball
U11 – U14 Recovery Training
U15 and Older Receivery Training
Speed Agility Training with the Ball
Improving Communication & Leadership (NEW)

Formation/Systems of Play

8v8 (2-3-2)
8v8 (3-2-2)
8v8 (3-3-1)
8v8 (4-3-0)
Full Sided (3-5-2)
Full Sided (4-3-3)
Full Sided (4-4-2) – Flat Midfield
Full Sided (3-4-3)
Full Sided (4-4-2) – Diamond Midfield

Warm Up Activities

Motivational Warm Up Activities

Set Plays

Free Kicks in Wide Positions
Indirect Free Kicks
In-Swinging Corners
Kick Offs 
Out – Swinging Corners
Short Corners
Throw-Ins Within a Game Environment
Zonal Defending Corners


Clearing Crosses – Punching
Coaching a Keeper within the Game
Dealing with the Back Pass
Goalkeeping – Changing the Point of Attack
Goalkeeping – Dealing with 1v1 Situations
Goalkeeping – Distribution
Goalkeeping – Improving Agility
Goalkeeping – Improving Strength
Individual Goalkeeping Activities


Backyard Activities to Improve Your First Touch
Combination Play for U10’s
Dynamic First Touch
Fun Passing Activities
Dealing with Bouncing Balls
Introducing Passing
Penetrating Passes
Receiving & Turning with the Ball
Receiving the Ball with Your Back to the Goal
Short Passing
U8 Passing Connections
SSG Passing Patterns
Playing Passes into Space (NEW)


Developing Field Awareness to Improve Possession
Developing Support Play to Improve Possession
Passing and Dribbling to Maintain Possession
Playing Forward Back and Through
Possession with a Purpose
Retaining Possession to Penetrate
Movement off the Ball – Combination Play 
Playing In & Out of Tight Spaces
Possession Through the Thirds


Building out of the Back
Coach Fullbacks to Join into the Attack
Patterns of Player for Playing with a Front Three
Playing with Split Strikers
Speed of Play 2 
Speed of Play
Midfield Rotation & Reading Cues
Rhythm of Play (NEW)

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